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Imagine a place that is totally focused on keeping you moving and staying in the game…

A place that gets your body back to the level where you enjoy doing the activities which matter to you. Whether you’re a beginner or recovering from injury, function2fitness provides you with top training tips and effective workouts to support your personal fitness journey. We help you to reduce injury- risk and maintain continual high  performance.

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Getting injured during training can be incredibly frustrating. It can completely derail all the progress you’re making in the gym and can leave you feeling dejected. Seeking professional help is the first step.

The aim of this website is to support active individuals who are re-covering from injury and want to achieve high performance by identifying areas of weakness, correcting dysfunctional movement and returning to the level that you want to achieve. Function2fitness takes all the jargon out of research and puts you on the fast track to recovery and improved performance by combining latest research findings with training routines of health and fitness industry experts.

Highlights You’ll Find Inside

  • Top tips to improve your performance and reduce your injury risk
  • Superfast and effective workout routines that tackle fitness problems from poor balance, lack of flexibility to tight hamstrings!
  • Workouts you can squeeze in anywhere—at the park or in a hotel room with minimal equipment.
  • Exercises that go hard on your muscles but soft on your joints, working the bits you need and protecting you from pain.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the “Functional fitness” approach, whether it is recovering from an injury or return to sports. Although we believe in continued development, we feel overloading people with hundreds of exercise tips and endless exercise variations is impractical and creates. We stand to change this by creating compact exercise routines with very clear outcomes. The secret of an effective workout is to sequence exercises in a manner that gets the maximum out of your body while strengthening the weak spots.

We at take great pride in delivering to you the most comprehensive exercise tools with scientific background. It is not meant to be an exhaustive exploration of exercises and tools in fitness. We have made every attempt to pack our website with effective and usable information and we welcome your comments/enquiries on the source of the information.

This website is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as medical counselling or medical advice. Results may vary and please read terms and conditions, disclaimer for further information

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