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Training and Workshops

Whatever your sport, a well-designed Injury Prevention program will have a positive impact on your performance and reduce the risk of picking up an injury. Most of the injuries we see occur as a result of poor movement and ineffective programme design. Our training programmes are designed to improve the fundamental movement skills necessary to reduce injury risk and also to maximise sport performance.

Our aim is to help you discover the tools to excel in your sport.

We provide injury prevention courses for therapists dealing with runners and athletes, nation-wide through PhysioUK. ( We also provide tailored CPD events directly with therapy departments and private clinics.

We offer the following (Co-tutor: Glen Robbins –


  • One day or two workshops for Injury Prevention and Strength and Conditioning for Runners in UK and overseas.
  • Tailored CPD Events for therapy departments – NHS & Private, health clubs and fitness facilities. These range from half-day to 2 days workshops.

Screening for Injury Prevention and Performance

  • Comprehensive biomechanical screening and performance evaluation for running clubs, team sports and fitness clubs.
  • 1:1 online coaching to optimise current training programme, reduce injury risk and improve performance.

Please contact ( to discuss your individual requirements and training needs.

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