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Get back to the sport you enjoy and prevent injuries while doing it.

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  • Injury Prevention Workout for Runners
  • Dynamic Core Stability Exercises for Improving Performance
  • The Top 5 Plank Variations



Training Videos

  1. Balance Training – http://youtu.be/CzyfFfleRU0
  2. Dynamic Warm-up – http://youtu.be/41trrqoGgpo
  3. Plyometrics for Speed – http://youtu.be/GT-BaReLwlA
  4. Medicine Ball Training for Rotational Speed – http://youtu.be/m0VDNgTixmE
  5. Injury Prevention Workout for Runners – http://youtu.be/Mnie4T9pCJs
  6. Dynamic Core Stability for Improved Performance – http://youtu.be/C1zkTFLa7dI
  7. Top 5 Plank Variations – http://youtu.be/nK0SrV87gro


Video Presentations

  1. Myths associated with Running Injuries :   http://youtu.be/0_sfIWmJ6FA
  2. Best Gluteal Exercises for Rehabilitation: http://youtu.be/jHGc2tl8nK8